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About Wendy

Wendy ElliottWendy believes that healing evolves from the inside out. Having worked with clients for over 30 years, she continues to marvel at and be humbled by the resilience of the human spirit. How is it that we can go through so much pain and suffering and still find the courage to step back into life? If you have felt sorrow, then you also have the capacity to experience joy. Wendy’s specialty is working with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, emotional and physical pain, loss, grief, stress and trauma. With mastery, skill, creativity, generosity and compassion, Wendy supports her clients as they find their way back to their Authentic Self. Read More

The Shape of Connection

June 24, 2016

How we live inside our bodies is a map towards how we live inside our souls. Our bodies hold memory, imagination, history, and dreams. How we sit, stand and walk are not just functional movements, they are representations of our thoughts, feelings, behavior, internal sensations and how we construct meaning in the world. To become embodied is not a light switch, rather it is a rheostat and points to an on-going process of deepening our somatic awareness and exploring new ways of being inside the shape of ourselves. Coming into connection with ourselves is essential if we are going

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I am thankful for the time Wendy spent getting to know me and helping me figure out how to find the strength to be myself while juggling the demands of being a new mom, a wife, a daughter, among other roles. Wendy’s perception of how I fell and experience emotions through my body has made me more aware of how I experience life and helped me to step back and be more present/ still during joyful and painful moments. I am stronger and calmer as a result of our work together.
Jen HulbertWriter and mom