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Anxiety and the Nature of Connection

Anxiety takes many forms. What has been interesting to me lately is how it shows up in our thought patterns and the nuanced way this happens. Curious about patterns, it is fascinating to notice when a random thought comes into my head. Especially when that thought comes from fear. At that particular moment, what am I scared of?

One of the gifts of being a somatic psychotherapist is witnessing others in their process. I notice what is said and the space in between the words. The shape of a mouth, the movement of eyes, the length of the breath, the hands, placement of feet, turning of the head, and then I am curious to see what happens next.

Especially around transitions. I think most transitions are challenging and we just don’t notice it. It seems kind of obvious as I write these words, but I believe as adults our minds often get busy when we anticipate some kind of transition that may threaten connection.

Fear has many forms and one of them is the endless activity of the thinking mind. I wonder what it would be like to pause and feel and breath into the connection before we separate. Taking it slow, putting the thinking mind aside, taking time to feel. I wonder what would happen if we did this and then listened for a sentence that aligned with this feeling? What would that sentence sound like? What would that sentence sound like if we heard it from the voice of our heart?


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The Shape of Connection

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The Shape of Connection

How we live inside our bodies is a map towards how we live inside our souls. Our bodies hold memory, imagination, history, and dreams. How we sit, stand and walk are not just functional movements, they are representations of our thoughts, feelings, behavior, internal sensations and how we construct meaning in the world. To become embodied is not a light switch, rather it is a rheostat and points to an on-going process of deepening our somatic awareness and exploring new ways of being inside the shape of ourselves. Coming into connection with...

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Take a Risk and Connect

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So what I have noticed consistently by witnessing people explore in their body are two things, hesitancy and risk. Neither are good or bad, it just depends on the moment and how we are feeling. Perhaps today you feel like reaching out to someone, a stranger, a neighbor, the person standing next to you at the grocery store, the coffee bar, why not give it a go? Put yourself out there a moment and take a risk. Let’s be honest here, we all have this mammilian brain that just wants to be loved. Rejection hurts, it’s real. But...

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Charming the Inner Critic

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Most of us have an insidious little voice inside that likes to criticize and make judgments about the quality and outcome of what we do or don’t do. I like to call this voice the Inner Critic or the Inner Judge. Take your pick. If you were to sit down with a piece of paper, yes! you can even do this now and draw a circle and imagine that circle was the dinner table of your psyche, who would be sitting down for the afternoon meal? Hopefully, some of the attendee’s would include, wisdom, play, innocence, wonder, self-worth and delight and...

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I am thankful for the time Wendy spent getting to know me and helping me figure out how to find the strength to be myself while juggling the demands of being a new mom, a wife, a daughter, among other roles. Wendy’s perception of how I fell and experience emotions through my body has made me more aware of how I experience life and helped me to step back and be more present/ still during joyful and painful moments. I am stronger and calmer as a result of our work together.
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