We Mind Body Spirit
Wendy Elliott, MA

Kind mind, open heart, calm body

Individual Therapy


Working with Wendy individually is about getting to the core of what is going on for you in a safe and supportive environment so that you can feel clear and empowered to make the kinds of choices you want for yourself. Wendy listens with depth and understanding about what is troubling you, about what you long for, and the kind of life you imagine for yourself. She understands suffering and not being satisfied with the way things are. She understands immense loss and grief. And Wendy understands how fear and self-doubt prevent us from moving forward and taking hold of our lives.

Each session is customized to meet your unique needs and is aligned with your intentions and goals. Perhaps you are feeling disconnected or overwhelmed. Sometimes you may simply want to talk about what is going on, while at other times you may be curious about exploring the question through your body or an expressive medium. Likewise, you may want to learn how  mindfulness meditation may create the space for you to be more at ease with what is. Or perhaps you might benefit from movement, a shamanic practice, or yoga to deepen your exploration. With skill and expertise, Wendy serves as a guide so that you may find the pathway back towards yourself with self-compassion and self-trust. Change is easier to make, less frightening. What you thought was impossible, no longer is. As you begin to show up for yourself, it is easier to be there for others. You are more alive and more grateful.


Wendy’s commitment to the present, her listening skills and her respect as a witness  helped me unveil new fearless creative moments. I am deeply grateful to Wendy because she has been a sound presence while I have journeyed around my own mysteries.
Sabrina Castillo GallusserProfessor of Dance and DirectorMomentum Dance CompanyGuatemala City, Guatemala