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Wendy Elliott, MA

Kind mind, open heart, calm body

Dance Movement Therapy


Movement is our first language. It is the dance of life. Dance and movement both express and affect how we feel. Movement has the power to open up neuro-pathways to and from the brain, influencing growth and development through all stages of life. This connection of body and mind is the basis of dance-movement therapy (DMT), an innovative form of psychotherapy.

Dance-Movement therapy works with the whole person integrating movement, creative process, and verbal communication. It has the potential to access emotions and issues that may be inaccessible in verbal therapy. In DMT, movement is used as a vehicle for self-expression, insight , and behavioral change in an affirming and non-judgmental environment. It is an effective treatment with psychological, social, developmental, neurological, and physical challenges.

As a vehicle for self-growth and actualization, DMT is a creative, expressive, and profound process for anyone working toward overall well-being. As a mind-body approach, dance-movement therapy can also be integrated into health and wellness education, facilitating self-care, connection, creativity and empowerment.

Wendy currently leads dance-movement therapy groups for Elders. She also leads DMT groups for clients who suffer from body image distortion ( in particular eating disorders) and neurological diseases such as Parkinsons and MS.

Dance-movement therapy groups create a safe and contained environment where people have the opportunity to connect, play and explore self-expression and creativity through movement and dance.

The following article by Wendy about her current  DMT Group with  Elders was recently published by Noozhawk.





Wendy Elliott was recommended to me by a friend.  I am a singer/songwriter and drummer plus full time mom with a tendency to put everything before my self.  The daily juggle of the mothering task often combats or inhibits the other worldly plane of existence I must be in in order to make art.  It’s a crazy combination of forces and I knew I needed an artistic and creative therapist to help me hold my own artistic process in as much esteem as my mothering duties-in fact I needed to marry the…