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Wendy Elliott, MA

Kind mind, open heart, calm body

Phone/Skype/Home Visits

Wendy’s services are available to you in your home. The benefits of home based therapy include being in an environment that feels safe and comfortable for you while also having the opportunity to integrate what you learn in your day-to-day home environment.

Each therapy session is uniquely tailored to whatever issues are present as well as the interests and needs of the client, and often moves fluidly between talking and doing body centered techniques depending on what is appropriate for your situation.

Home based services are especially suited for people who desire more privacy in their work. It is also beneficial for elders, teens and those who have transportation challenges.

Phone, Skype and Video Conferencing Work

If you live in an area where it is difficult to find a psychotherapist who integrates mindfulness, somatic experiencing and body-centered techniques you may want to consider counseling via the phone or video-conferencing software.

Working together in this way can be just as powerful and engaging as sitting together face to face in a counseling office, and in many cases, a more effective way to connect. Given the advantage of meeting from the familiarity and safety your own home, you may find that working together in this way can enable you to open more fully to your truth and find better access to inner resources for healing and transformation. In addition, there is no need to drive anywhere thereby saving time and money spent on gas and enabling you to settle down and reflect awhile over our work together before doing anything else.

The following references are provided for your erudition regarding the value of telephone counseling. I have found telephone therapy to be extremely effective with many people and often for some people more effective than traveling to and joining me at my brick and mortar office. Over the last 20 years I have found face to face using video conferencing software also ideal for counseling. Google provides software free of charge over your computer and enables us to see each other as we talk together. In addition, Google provides free video calling services with quality video and audio transmission from most places in the world. Please go to the following link if you are interested in this service.

Learning that phone therapy is effective you can see how being able to see each other as we talk can add all the more benefit to the therapeutic encounter. Wendy has worked with many  people over the phone and using online video conferencing tools and she has come to appreciate the value of this way of connecting. From the comfort and safety of your home we can do much healing and transformative work together.




Wendy Elliott was recommended to me by a friend.  I am a singer/songwriter and drummer plus full time mom with a tendency to put everything before my self.  The daily juggle of the mothering task often combats or inhibits the other worldly plane of existence I must be in in order to make art.  It’s a crazy combination of forces and I knew I needed an artistic and creative therapist to help me hold my own artistic process in as much esteem as my mothering duties-in fact I needed to marry the…