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Kind mind, open heart, calm body

On-Line Links


The following link is a useful and quick source to help relieve anxiety. It has some good points. Basically, shift your focus from your thoughts  (internal) and instead try and focus externally. Go into nature, take a breath and look around for a few minutes and you can try some of the skills below.

Other Tips to heal you cope

Authentic Movement

Please take a moment to watch this exquisite video on Authentic Movement

Helpful Links for Depression

If you are depressed there is a lot of on-line support available to you. There are loads of information about the causes and symptoms of depression as well as on-line support groups that are private. Dealing with Depression gives you some self-care and coping tips.

Stress, Self- Care, and Mind-Body Medicine

If you are experiencing stress, than please check out The Center for Mind Body Medicine. It has a wonderful page on self-care resources. Please click on the above link and you will see a 7 minute pod-cast on Soft-Belly Breathing. If you try this, you will feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Please feel free to also download this 10 minute meditation that Wendy made to cultivate  ease and calm. You can also find out more information about different kinds of meditation by clicking on the above link.

Articles on Somatic Psychotherapy and Trauma

Pat Ogden, Author of “Trauma and the Body.” Pat developed sensorimotor psychotherapy. The following is a link to a free article on her site.


At an uncertain period in my painting, when I was returning to work as a full time artist, I invited Wendy Elliot to conduct several sessions for me in the studio wherein I would work to identify and develop the questions and processes that were moving my painting. We would also investigate my history as an artist and the impulses that had previously both advanced and hindered the work. The sessions were deeply helpful and Wendy is unrelenting in her ability to deepen and pursue the questions.