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Wendy Elliott, MA

Kind mind, open heart, calm body

Session III Somatic Skills for working in the Present Moment

January 23, 2016, 9-4PM

Often times we may learn about a certain technique but we rarely find ourselves actually using that technique in our sessions with client’s. Interventions with clients need to be well timed in order to be effective. If we make an intervention with an attempt to fix or change the client’s experience, it can often backfire on us. Interventions that are most effective are well timed and support the client’s process of working through a challenging issue in the here and now.

Knowing how to be present, attuned, and embodied within ourselves is an essential pre-requisite for making effective somatic interventions. The focus for this course will be two-fold, developing our relational and embodied skills as clinicians, and learning how to identify those moments in the session that are most ripe for making somatic and mindfulness based interventions.

Specific techniques and a developmental treatment approach will be discussed. Participants will have an opportunity to learn what interventions to use when, as well as how to implement these techniques in present time.

  • Develop precision and accuracy in tracking the client’s moment- to- moment present experience that is encoded in the body.
  • Learn to identify moments when the client needs to slow down, speed up, move, be still or breath.
  •  Learn the skills of body reading. Recognize and work with subtle changes (flushing or paling of the skin, slight tension or trembling) and gross changes (flexion or collapse of the spine, a turn in the neck) within the session.
  • Gain a deeper awareness of your nervous system, physiology, and movement patterns so that you can learn how to effectively attune to your client.
  • Learn about your own intrinsic movement patterns.
  • Explore Embodied Attunement.
  • Centering
  • Grounding
  • Working with the Breath
  • Boundaries
  • Expressive Movement

This training is limited to 16 participants and fills fast.
Early registration is recommended.
This 4 day training series is designed to be taken in full.

I am thankful for the time Wendy spent getting to know me and helping me figure out how to find the strength to be myself while juggling the demands of being a new mom, a wife, a daughter, among other roles. Wendy’s perception of how I fell and experience emotions through my body has made me more aware of how I experience life and helped me to step back and be more present/ still during joyful and painful moments. I am stronger and calmer as a result of our work together.
Jen HulbertWriter and mom