Day: June 19, 2019

somatic therapy

Charming the Inner Critic

Most of us have an insidious little voice inside that likes to criticize and make judgments about the quality and outcome of what we do or don’t do. I like to call this voice the Inner Critic or the Inner Judge. Take your pick.

If you were to sit down with a piece of paper, yes! you can even do this now and draw a circle and imagine that circle was the dinner table of your psyche, who would be sitting down for the afternoon meal?

Hopefully, some of the attendee’s would include, wisdom, play, innocence, wonder, self-worth and delight …

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The Body Knows

The Body Knows is a Professional Certificate and Training program in Somatic Psychotherapy for counselors, therapists, and students who want to learn how to integrate the body and movement into their practice.

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