Wendy Elliott

Wendy Elliott

Since 1985, I have worked as Licensed Psychotherapist and Board-Certified Dance Movement Therapist integrating the body, creativity, movement, and spirituality into my work. In 2006, I completed my training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner resulting in deepening my expertise in healing trauma.

Besides years of clinical experience, I also have knowledge in other ways of knowing. I have lived in Central America, studying and practicing the wisdom of Indigenous people. I have learned from Mayan elders in Guatemala, participated in plant medicine ceremonies, studied Holotrophic breath work with Stan Groff, done many a sweat lodge, vision fast, numerous silent retreats, facilitated dance movement therapy retreats, worked and lived abroad with my family, completed training as yoga instructor, and have a daily practice in the tradition of insight (vipassana) and loving kindness (metta) meditation. 

I make art, dance, play with friends, practice yoga, spend ample time in nature, and take wilderness adventures regularly as a way of staying connected to Mother Earth. I bring a deep sense of aliveness into my work and find joy in doing so. I welcome the opportunity to serve you


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