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dance movement therapy

Movement is our first language. Dance and movement express and affect how we feel. This connection between our body and mind is the basis of Dance-Movement Therapy (DMT), an innovative form of psychotherapy. When you feel an impulse to move, you have the desire to experience life. Suffering in your psyche is often accompanied by a sense of dis-ease in your body. It is easy to feel lethargic, with zero motivation to move, or to feel so hyped up that you can’t sit still. Learning to listen kindly to what your body wants and needs is core to your healing. Finding movements that are supportive, learning to be still, while also allowing yourself to broaden your range of movement results in greater self-confidence and ease.

is a body based practice that can be used to source memory, access the collective unconscious, resource creativity, and serve as a spiritual practice. It is a profound process of closing your eyes, listening from the inside out, and following whatever impulses move through your body.

Yoga Therapy works to support the body-mind-spirit connection through breathwork, asana’s, aligning the yoga practice to meet your needs means that sometimes child’s pose is exactly what you need and at other times, warrior pose takes you where you need to go next in your life.

Dance-Movement therapy works with the whole person integrating movement, creative process, and verbal communication. It has the potential to access emotions and issues that
may be inaccessible in verbal therapy. In DMT, movement is used as a vehicle for self-expression, insight, and behavioral change in an affirming and non-judgmental environment. It is an effective treatment with psychological, social, developmental, neurological, and physical challenges.

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The Body Knows

The Body Knows is a Professional Certificate and Training program in Somatic Psychotherapy for counselors, therapists, and students who want to learn how to integrate the body and movement into their practice.

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