Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing®, is a body-awareness approach developed by Peter Levine that has proven to be effective in treating the aftermath of trauma. It is based upon the observation that all human beings have an innate ability to overcome and heal from the effects of trauma.

The impact of trauma comes after the event and can be housed your body’s nervous system over years. The process of healing trauma comes from the natural reorganization of your nervous system, the corresponding shifting of your thoughts, and a felt sense of emotional cohesion that results in sense of calm awareness and vitality.

A Somatic Experiencing session teaches you how to use your body as resource for healing and releasing Trauma. Trauma comes in many forms and most people have combination of both physical and psychological trauma.

This includes car accidents, broken limbs, surgery, medical and dental procedures, sudden load noises, rape, molestation, falls, and catastrophic illness.

Ongoing emotional abuse, bullying, abandonment, neglect, exposure, extremes, rape, natural disasters, prolonged grief, witnessing violence, sexual/physical abuse.

Attachment-birth stress for mother and infant, being left alone as a young child, sudden loss of parent or loved one, chronic neglect, parents with BPD and NPD.

By focusing attention on the natural sensations coming from inside your body in a safe and contained environment, your system has an opportunity to process trauma safely. Sessions include both table and touch work as well as breathing, movement, and sounding to release and support trauma resolution.

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The Body Knows

The Body Knows is a Professional Certificate and Training program in Somatic Psychotherapy for counselors, therapists, and students who want to learn how to integrate the body and movement into their practice.

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