Heal Trauma Through Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing

Healing trauma is entirely possible, but in order for that to happen you have to find a way of helping your body understand that you are no longer in danger. When something traumatic happens your system goes into the fight/flight/freeze mode and talking about it does not make this feeling go away. You have to work trauma through your body in order to heal, if you don’t then you are likely to be triggered by things outside of your control. It’s easy to shut down, get numb, avoid people and situations, get obsessive and feel stuck. Life following a traumatic event is naturally scary so it is also common to become reactive and impulsive. Either way, you feel out of control and emotions of shame can take over.

Somatic Experiencing®, is a body-awareness approach that has proven to be effective in healing trauma. Developed by Peter Levine, SE is based upon the observation that all human beings have an innate ability to overcome from the effects of trauma.

A Somatic Experiencing session begins with you locating a neutral space inside your body and recognizing that at this moment, you are not in danger. Working very slowly we find ways of helping you touch into the traumatic experience without getting overwhelmed. Bit by bit you move towards what frightened you in a safe way while staying connected to your body as you do.

Your body will naturally release the stress from the trauma in whatever way is best for you. You might shake, cry, move, push, collapse. You might begin to take really deep breaths, you might feel tingly sensations all over, you might feel hot, then cold, and then you might feel a sense of flow and peace like you have never imagined before. The end result? You feel safe inside your body instead of stuck and shut down. Your emotional body is more aligned with your mind. You feel empowered, lighter and stronger.


This includes car accidents, broken limbs, surgery, medical and dental procedures, sudden load noises, rape, molestation, falls, and catastrophic illness.

Ongoing emotional abuse, bullying, abandonment, neglect, exposure, extremes, rape, natural disasters, prolonged grief, witnessing violence, sexual/physical abuse.

Attachment-birth stress for mother and infant, being left alone as a young child, sudden loss of parent or loved one, chronic neglect, parents with BPD and NPD.

By focusing attention on the natural sensations coming from inside your body in a safe and contained environment, your system has an opportunity to process trauma safely. Sessions include both table and touch work as well as breathing, movement, and sounding to release and support trauma resolution.

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